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Working with state-of-the-art design software, FMG's designers combine aesthetics, ergonomics, sustainability efforts, and exceptional products to design an environment that is both functional and invigorating. We start with a field verification of your space, then deliver customized state of the art renderings which encompass space planning, furniture specifications, technology resources and more so that you achieve the environment that maximizes your organization’s potential. We even incorporate your chosen color palette and finishes, leaving nothing to the imagination.

FMG recognizes that your organization's financial health depends largely upon your ability to harness the longevity of your resources. Our team of Designers will analyze your current and long-term needs to help you select products and designs that sustain functionality. Anyone can fill your space with furniture, but FMG plans environments that transcend your current needs. The demands placed on your assets must be flexible to your changing business needs and FMG is just the resource to carry you into your future. FMG gives life to your aspirations through the following services:

• Sustainability planning
• Space planning/site dimensions
• Specification
• Design, layout, renderings
• Raised floors, walls
• Sound masking

FMG provides world-class procurement services to satisfy all of your furniture needs. We represent more than 300 manufacturers, which means we have the resources to satisfy even your most challenging demands. Our solutions are available for purchase or rental. Whether you need to fill an entire office space or a single cubicle for a short-term project, we have just the assets you need at just the right time. Our Project Coordinators will manage the entire process, from inception to completion, allowing you the time to focus on your day to day business. And when your existing furnishings have reached the end of their usefulness FMG can quickly remedy the situation by appraising your assets for accounting or resale purposes, or simply disposing of your unwanted items quickly.

Partnering with FMG is a shrewd investment in the future of your office space. With such a vast array of possibilities at our fingertips, FMG can harness the most cost-effective asset services to ensure your project stays within your budget:
• Asset value/furniture disposal
• Order coordination
• Furniture rental